Farewell to Nitehi Works!

Monday, Apr 4, 2016

We filmed this by ourselves for our beloved event space Nitehi Works in Yokohama , Japan. Unfortunately this space is closed down now and there were special events over the last weekends in March. The film was projected on the screen during the event on Saturday 26th March.

Whenever Masa went back to Japan he did a solo gig there and he always had a heartfelt time with a lots of supportive people for both O-ARC and Yokohama creative scene. It’s a shame it had to go but we totally believe Minoru Inayoshi who is a founder of Nitehi Works (also an artist) will continuously lead Yokohama creative scene The great news is that he had already found an alternative space and had already started working on creating new event space there. We truly admire what Minoru has been doing. We are extremely happy that if we could be a part of Yokohama creative scene from a far…London somehow.


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