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Thursday, Sep 19, 2019

It’s Masa. It’s been while. I’m in Japan now. It’s been more than a month. Because my my mother contracted acute interstitial pneumonia and went into a critical condition and I needed to go back to Japan urgently. I worried so much every single day not knowing what will happen to my mother. I just took a day as it was. She is still fragile and need my support but fortunately she is recovering well. It’s still a long way to go but I’m relieved.

While in Japan I thought if I can I should do something to promote O-Arc music and painting and decided to spend my spare time for it. I tried to meet as many friends as possible for help and through some friends I got opportunities.

I didn’t bring my guitar so I bought one from a near-by shop and some materials for painting. I’m ready to go.

The first opportunity is playing live and do live painting at 2rd Brick Street Market This is a special event for creators got together and collaborate to make event theme “A Special Happenstance In Everyday Life” happen. There will be a cafe, children’s playground, workshop, music, talk, and live painting.

In Yokohama where I live there is a strong sense of community of artists and creators. Yokohama government is supportive as well. However, Yokohama still doesn’t have enough power and reputation as a Creative City. Many local artists and creators organise lot of events to help further develop Yokohama as a Creative City. So I’m glad to part of this event.

The other one is playing live at Namiya wine bar. They are specialising in organic wine and craft beer, and serve natural homemade food. This is where you can enjoy the owner Nami’s attention to detail. Not only she carefully chose wine and beer and serve scrumptious natural food using her own recipe she puts a lot of attention to cutleries, furnitures, lights, books and decorations to create extremely comfortable space where people meet and enjoy their own time and possibly something memorable happening.

Admission for this gig is free but not a typical ” admission free” gig. It’s not a “passing a money hat ” gig either.
I really appreciate if you can decide the value of my performance by your own judgement and in return you can pay. It doesn’t matter you value my performance as little as 100yen (about £0.74)….or maybe 1,000 yen (£7.4) or 10.000 (£74). It doesn’t matter it’s your judgement. For me set admission fee puts the value of the performance equal and flat. The value should be different for each person and however you satisfy that your value. If you agree I’m really glad. AlsoI don’t want to make my gig free because free makes people not to appreciate anything. I hope you understand.

My paintings are also on sale and they are without a price tag. You can decide the value of my painting and pay accordingly.

Hope we see each other one the gigs or maybe both.

2rd Brick Street Market.
Saturday 21st September 10:00am-4:00pm
Kasetsu Kitanaka Brick
5-25-1 Kaigandori Naka-Ward Yokohama

Saturday 28th September 7::00pm-
101 TK Building
4-11006 Mugita-cho Naka-Ward Yokohama

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