The Islington

Sunday, Jul 29, 2018

It’s been while but this is the one coming up very soon!
An evening of emerging talents…

Hope you can make it!

The Islington
Wednesday 1st August
7:30pm on stage
1 Tolpuddle Street
N1 0XT
Admission £5

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Music Round The Clock

Monday, Apr 23, 2018

Hello everyone! We have a gig coming up very soon!

It will be a part of the charity event Music Round The Clock (raising money for Kirima who supports education in Uganda and also St Michael’s church where we play) starting at 9am and finishing 9pm…wow! It’s an all day music marathon….cool

We will be on quite late in the programme but quite early than we normally play so the gig will be a relaxing early Saturday one..our stage time is 6pm for 45 minutes.

Come and join us and other concerts as well….not to mention it’s a kid friendly event

Looking forward to seeing you..
Masa and Neil

Saturday 28th April
9am -9pm (We will be on 6pm)
St Michael’s Church
South Grove
N6 6BJ
Admission : Donation

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I Got My Child Back…

Monday, Feb 26, 2018

My Simon Patrick guitar is repaired…I’m really happy now……you know I feel like my child was discharged from hospitalised after the treatment of severe injury. I have lived with this guitar since 1999…19 years…

What’s more is that it sounds better than rings….

Matt!… you are a star and thank you so much for giving my child another life….better life…
Ladies and Gentleman of players…If you need a guitar doctor you know where to go..


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What A Great Start Of The New Year 2018!

Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018

2018 started 2 day concerts in Tokyo in early January. They took in place at Gallery Toukou which specialises Hiroyoshi Hamamoto’s Karatsu pottery.

I played O-ARC’s classic songs, new songs and one of my old song written 1994. Not to mention a song inspired by Mr Hamamoto’s pottery Beauty Full Void. Audience were really attentive and really enjoyed mingling with them after the concerts..They were so special and interesting people.

Furthermore Barista from a dedicated coffee company Horiguchi Coffee ( Yusuke Yamaki had listened to O-Arc music vigorously and created special O-Arc blend for audience to taste. His creation was sublime…It was smooth and light but rich and intense in the core of the taste. I had a big smile on my face after tasting it.

The great thing is that Gallery Toukou also started representing my paintings for Japanese market.

These 2 day concerts are my first official exhibitions in Japan promoting my paintings as well as introducing O-ARC music to their clients and friends.

So it was a collaboration event of pottery, painting, music and coffee.

What an event!

And my third concert held at Nitehi Works in Yokohama. It is an event space which artist and actress couple Mr and Mrs Inayoshi renovated. It used to be an old office of logistic company built 60 years ago and Mr and Mrs Inayosh converted it to an unique space where Japanese traditional house settings meet modern minimalism.

Once you step in, your eyes will glue to the elements of history of the house and fabulous modern essence. They also have a great sound system. Taguchi Speaker is an acclaimed company who make customised speakers for instruments and various spaces (eg. They created a speaker orchestra. It is the system where the sound of each instrument comes out from each customised speakers You can just see speaker polls in front of you but each speakers are players) There were 4 Taguchi speakers hung from the ceiling and another 2 in front of the house speakers especially for this event. The sound was sublime. It was a velvety and warm surround sound. It was so natural that I almost forgot it came out from speaker. I was so impressed by the quality.

Another great element is that you can hear heart beat of human being anywhere you are in this space. The sound of heat beat came out from speakers installed on walls and floors. So I felt like the space itself was beating. It was surreal experience. I played 2 of O-ARC songs with the heart beat as well as my first improvisational work using my guitar and voice. I was quite nervous doing improvisation as I had never done it before on the stage.

I also joined a yoga session instructed by Aki Matsumura before the show. It was my first ever yoga session. I felt really great as I could focus more of who I am and felt balanced mentally and physically. Furthermore I did my first ever live painting. I did it while other joiners were meditating absorbing energy from them as an inspiration.

What a non stop of musical, visual, and spiritual 3 days. I’m very fortunate.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to these 3 concerts, Mr and Mrs Yoshisato who organised concerts at their beautiful Gallery Toukou and also created an opportunity to introduce my paintings in Japan, Taka, who I met 2005 in London and has been contributed greatly O-ARC’s visual image( O-ARC website, cd image, various flyers etc) since 2006, liaised with Gallery Toukou and created flyers, Yamaki san who made special O-ARC blend, Mr and Mrs Inayoshi who organised a concert at an inspirational space Nitehi Works, Kotaki san and Yamashita san from Taguchi speakers who created fantastic sound, Aki Matsumura who is my first ever Yoga instructor.

Furthermore to old friend of mine Tetsuo who let me use his special bamboo guitar to make these shows possible as my guitar was totally damaged after a long haul fight from London.


Gallery Toukou
Horiguchi Coffee
Nitehi Works末吉町-nitehi-works-1699897396749361/
Taguchi Speaker
Aki Matsumura

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Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, Jan 3, 2018

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